The University of Macerata (Unimc), located in the Marche Region, is one of the oldest Universities in Italy (founded in 1290), with a staff of about 600 people (academic staff 298, administrative staff 296) and 13.000 students enrolled. It is specialized in the Socio economic sciences and Humanities and has extensive experience in international research project and cooperation initiatives.

    International Research Unit of UniMc is a centralized office offering support for the management of the international research projects. Administrative, language and coordination skills will ensure a complete and effective support to Participants. In addition, all ICT needs during the project (videoconference, videotaping, data base delivery, webinar) will be supported by the CIEM, the University Centre for computer, (UniMC received the UNIQUe award for quality in ICT and elearning, in 2009, in Helsinki). The Center for Communication and External relation has extensive experience in social media communication strategy and video-clip recording.

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  • CITY OF OULU I Finland

    Urban and Environmental Services is an expert organisation which is responsible for the application of the city's land and housing policies, land acquisition and ownership, city, transport and environmental planning and implementation.

    The City of Oulu provides the foundation for a high quality, safe and welcoming community structure, living and environment as well as for service construction. Oulu's growth has been rapid in recent decades. New residential areas have been built and old ones redeveloped. The city is well known for its pedestrian area, Rotuaari, and its extensive cycleway network as well as active winter cycling. Currently local and regional public transport is going through a major shift from private to public.

    Urban and Environmental Services is not a research institute but a public authority. The facilities, infrastructure and equipment in this case are the transport infrastructure and intelligent systems related to it. It is possible to select many test areas to pilot new ways of providing better service for the elderly.

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    The Centre of Sustainable Technologies (CST) based at the University of Ulster (UU) is an inter-disciplinary research centre challenging many aspects of sustainability associated with the built environment.

    Typically consisting of over 30 academics and researchers, it seeks to undertake ground-breaking activities in such areas as architecture, building energy efficiency, clean combustion, construction, highways engineering, sustainability, renewable energy and river hydraulics. While all these areas are critically important to a rapidly changing built environment reacting to climate change, the dominant research activity in terms of income and activity is energy. For renewable energy systems CST is currently focused on: energy storage, development of solar energy conversion systems, computer modelling of renewable energy systems, the development of biomass and bioenergy systems including gasification and bio-oil concepts. CST has extensive laboratory and computer simulation facilities available for numerical and experimental analysis of energy systems.

    “Terrace Street” was devised to allow the development of a refurbishment strategy that can demonstrate to all stakeholders the potential pathways and intended and unintended consequences of retrofitting a challenging housing type. “Terrace Street” consists of two solid wall dwellings originally built in Belfast in 1900. Pre- 1919 solid wall types represent some 14% of Northern Ireland’s housing stock and therefore represent the greatest challenge in terms of retrofit. Such a retrofit is common practice among registered social landlords (RSL’s) who typically operate a large portion of the 8 million of this type of stock across the UK. Each room is each home has temperature humidity and occupation sensors, coupled with the monitoring of all electrical supplies, water usage and or course, heat. This supported can considerable data acquisition equipment, thermal comfort testing mannequin and laboratories or developing an analysing the performance of solar energy, heat pumps, bioenergy and energy storage technologies.

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  • WAAG SOCIETY I The Netherlands

    Waag Society is a Dutch institute for Art, Science and Technology. The organisation aims to develop creative technology for social innovation through its six thematic labs. Waag Society has one of the oldest and largest independent Media Labs in Europe and is linked, both locally, nationally and internationally to a large network of people and organisations in the scientific and artistic community.

    Founded in 1994, Waag Society has its roots in the Digital City (1994): the first online Internet community in the Netherlands, which aimed to make the Internet available for the public.Waag Society has a long-standing, international experience in community building, design and technical development in innovative and avant-garde projects and has developed several ground-breaking prototypes and applications. Its projects have won numerous prizes for their visionary perception of the technological needs in society. Waag Society is a key European player in the area of social innovation and participates in a multitude of projects in this area. Additionally, Waag Society has been active in the field of healthy ageing programs focusing on i.e. technical infrastructures, living lab possibilities and community engagement. In all its projects, Waag Society relies on the Users as Designers, a design philosophy where artists, creatives and users have a strong influence on the final results.

    Nowadays new technologies are to be explored and made usable, such as 4K, RFID, Augmented Reality, 3-D printing and new forms of gaming, participation and distributed cooperation. With its long standing, international experience in community building and managing innovative and avant-garde projects WAAG has developed several groundbreaking prototypes and applications in (inter)national projects and programs.

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  • IFUPLAN I Germany

    The Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development (ifuplan) provides numerous services related to environmental, land resource and nature conservation planning. In addition to these planning tasks the SME also engages in research projects, environmental reporting and data analyses. In these terms ifuplan is working on the edge between applied research and practical implementation.

    Currently ifuplan employs about 14 specialists with a background in landscape planning, geography, biology and forestry. Numerous other experts are contracted in for individual projects to complement the expertise of our permanent staff.

    Ifuplan is equipped with about 16 high level computers, scanners, printing station. The technical capacities for processing, analysing and presenting findings include statistics software, 4 licenses for geographical information system (ArcGIS 10) and licendes for ArcView with several extensions and a separate plotting station plus various graphics and dtp programs.

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  • UTRECHT UNIVERSITY I The Netherlands

    UU is a globally leading research university in the Netherlands with a budget of 761 MEU (2013). The university has a very strong humanities presence and offers the widest range of English-taught graduate programmes in the Netherlands.

    UU will participate in this project through a collaboration between the faculty of Humanities with the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (Uil-OTS) and the Faculty of Geoscience through the Urban and Regional research center Utrecht (URU). The former unites roughly 70 permanent researchers and 50 temporary researchers and it has a long tradition in Language Technology research and in the analysis of language in communicative contexts. The latter includes research activities on: Urban development and individual behaviour, ICT and travel patterns, Healthy Urban Living, Housing and social cohesion, GIS-modelling.

    The research at UiLOTS is supported by excellent lab facilities, including an EEG/ERP lab, a baby lab, eye-trackers, and access to fMRI. URU has a GIS-lab.

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    European Quality Institute Srl (EQI) works in the field of Quality Certification on materials, products and processes. EQI is a Notified Body according to the requirements of EN 45011 for the EU Directive 2004/108/EC - EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

    EQI has a strong competences on controls, measurements and testing activity; mechanical, safety, compatibility and acoustics tests to obtain certifications, authorizations, statements and certificates. Moreover, EQI provides assistance, inspections and training activity of analysis and technical evaluation of products compliance to compulsory standards, laws, directives and rules in order to obtain certifications and a marks for the most important foreign markets. CE Mark: identification of rules to be applied, selection of the most efficient marking procedure, preparation of tables and indices of risk, drafting the instructions, use and maintenance handbooks of the equipment, assistance to audits and inspections of compliance by the certifying body.

    Test laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA LAB no. 0079, which operates in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. EQI has infrastructure and equipment for:

    - environmental tests on accelerated ageing and corrosion
    - laboratory tests in the realm of electrical safety (EC Directive LVD) for the purpose of applying CE marking on the product
    - electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) for the purpose of applying CE and FCC marking on the product
    - preparation of technical file necessary to the CE Mark of Compliance (Machines Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)
    - preparation of the Use and Maintenance Manual in accordance to the applicable Directives testing activities for Certifications as per UL standard (North-American market)

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    Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and groundbreaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including (Social) Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and Integration, Employment, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Entrepreneurial Training, 360° Information and Awareness Measures, Campaigning and Event Management, Culture, etc.

    With a track record of over 50 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. An expert in entrepreneurship education and VET, the development of transversal skills for employability, train-the-trainer methodologies and mentoring, Militos has already implemented or is currently implementing numerous related European projects, including the officially recognised best practices Business Mentors (coordinated by Militos), LadybizIT and Mumpreneurs, having developed a strong expertise on business consulting, mentoring, skills empowerment, creation of interactive e-learning tools and mobile applications, entrepreneurial networks/platforms and immersive games.

    Militos also excelled as National Coordinator in Greece of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), the world’s largest movement for women innovators and job creators, established in 2014 by the United Nations, in partnership with the United States Department of the Interior, empowering 250 million women and launching start-ups in 144 countries worldwide. More recently, Militos is heavily involved in the support and promotion of social entrepreneurship. Running the project “Entreprising Socially” of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency of the City of Athens, Militos provided consultancy services, tools and mentoring to 40 social enterprises, assisting them in elaborating a detailed and sound business plan. Moreover, through its President, Olga Stavropoulou, Militos is an active member and key player in major entrepreneurship association at national, European and global level.

    Militos has extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and large-scale campaigns. Militos is well known for the smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality material it produces, including logos, leaflets, banners, website mockups, vortals, online games, teasers for social media, interactive blogs, being the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies, such as the European Commission Representation in Greece (Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant), European Parliament Information Office in Greece (External Consultant), European Commission Standard Eurobarometer for Greece (National Editor), DG Enterprise and Industry (Intermediary Organisation for ERASMUS Young Entrepreneurs & Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs). Within the last 6 years, Militos has organised more than 140 multidimensional events and dissemination actions with more than 40.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality of its services, the innovative content, the influence, efficiency and impact of its communication activities, including 2 european awards (DG AGRI), ie. the Special Public CAP Award for the widest outreach in Europe (1st place) and the Award for Innovative Communication in the EU CAP (3rd place) for the LLP project farmsup! on the promotion of agro-entrepreneurship.

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    The University of Oulu is an international research and innovation university engaged in multidisciplinary basic research and academic education. The University of Oulu is one of the largest universities in Finland with 16000 students and 3000 staff. The University encompasses eight fields of study: Humanities, Education, Economics and Business, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, and Technology.

    The fields of information technology, biotechnology, northern and environmental issues have been defined as special research focus areas. UO has the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the technical requirements of this project. The members have taken part and led numerous research projects, both national and international. Particularly relevant to this proposal are the projects COMCARE that developed communication technologies for the elderly, and the UBI-Anthropos project which looked at ageing and ICT.

    Smart city testbed deployed at downtown Oulu, including WiFi, Bluetooth and 6LoWPan sensor networks, instrumented traffic lights, and vehicular traffic counters.

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    Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is today a classic university with a distinct research profile, and the leading contemporary academic and educational hub of Ukraine. The University awards Junior Specialist’s, Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees, Higher Qualification Postgraduate degrees and Doctoral degrees.

    Courses are provided by 193 Departments. Today the University has bilateral partnership agreements with 214 foreign educational and scientific institutions from 57 countries. Exp 2013 QS World University Rankings (Great Britain) recognizes the University of Kyiv as one of the world’s TOP–500 universities. Educational Laboratory of Geoinformation and Tourism Scientific and Research laboratories of Regional Problems of Economics and Politics and Landscape ecology and Aerospace Environmental Monitoring.

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  • HAS HOGESCHOOL I The Netherlands

    HAS offers a wide range of advice, training and facilities to the business community. They own 5 pilot plants in the fields of food development, food design and food safety (diary, fruits &vegetables, bread, meat, brewery) as well as greenhouse and urban farming; garden & landscape management and Geo, media & design (GMD) facilities.

    The pilot plants can be used for sample analysis, product- and concept development, proto-typing, test runs and the production of 0-series. Key words for the pilot scale equipment in the Food Processing Hall are: coating; extrusion; heat treatments; evaporation; drying; gaspackaging and membrane filtration.

    In the Technology Hall there is equipment available for the measurement of air quality; milk quality; durable energy sources; drinkwater systems and climate.
    Within the field of food R&D, product development on a kitchen scale is possible, with a special focus on sensory research, physical/chemical research and microbological research.
    Within the field of biotechnology, there is high quality equipment for research of fermentation; reactor processes and enzymatical processes.
    Within the field of Garden & Landscape management they focus on urban green areas and on realization, maintenance and management of green outdoor spaces and new functionalities.

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    Food Nation CIC is a food and nutrition-focused social enterprise in Newcastle; our vision is to inspire people about good food. Our services equip people with skills and knowledge to improve food and nutrition choices and build healthier, more resilient communities. We have delivered food education workshops for schools since 2006 and community cookery courses since 2010.

    In this time, we have expanded our services to specifically address a range of diet-related health inequalities for individuals and groups. These services include taught cooking skills courses, food clubs, food demonstrations, pop-up restaurants, and education programmes for schools. Between April 2015 and April 2016 we delivered 634 food education classes to 1,085 children and adults, supported by 76 volunteers.

    We prioritise individuals and groups within the 20% most deprived communities in the region, as defined by the Multiple Deprivation Index 2015. Within this remit, our beneficiaries include (but are not limited to) people experiencing issues around food poverty, older people, people in receipt of government benefits, and dealing with any sanctions, long term unemployed, NEET young people, ex-offenders and persons recovering from alcohol or substance misuse. In recognition of our work we were shortlisted in the Outstanding Social Enterprise category at the 2015 North East Charity awards and held a three year award from the Royal Society of Public Health from 2013-16 (we are currently awaiting the outcome of this year’s round).

    Official website:

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