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GRAGE represented at EU Green Week 2018 High-Level Conference in Brussels

GRAGE researcher Prof. Olena Motuzenko from project partner Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine), took part, in the frame of her scientific mission, in Green Cities for a Greener Future events organised by DG Environment and DG Interpretation European Commission on 23-24 May 2018 in Brussels. See more here

The conference programme was very rich and diversified. Prof. Olena Motuzenko participated in several conference sections, such as "Sustainable tourism for greener cities"; "Greening cities in our partner countries"; "Food strategies. Knowledge sharing and peer learning - enablers for the green city transition", "Sustainable urban water planning. Cities raising the bar towards more sustainable water management in Europe". More details at

The conference works were intensive and, as such the evening session "Evening events - Let's make a match and fall in love! Share best practices and make new friends in this speed-dating session for cities" was organised in a form of a game to blow off steam and share experiences in a fun way and with lots of positive emotions, establishing contacts with representatives of municipalities in cities such as Essen, Numegen, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Ghent, Umea, Galway, Leuven, which have already implemented best practices of "Greening cities" and got recognition as "European Green Capitals" and "European Green Leaf cities".

Participation in Green Cities for a Greener Future showed me how the European Union undertakes responsibility not only to help its own cities to grow sustainably, but to help others do the same. The event improved my understanding that green cities are only possible if all actors – local authorities, NGOs, business, citizens, academia etc – work together to make them happen. It was very useful to learn about the best practices collected in Europe's most sustainable cities with the aim to find ways for their implementation in the cities of Ukraine. With great enthusiasm I will be sharing this experience and ideas on how we can make sustainable urban planning in Ukraine become the norm same as across Europe. I plan to attend future EU Green Week events and definitely will recommend it to friends and colleagues”, Prof. Olena Motuzenko noted.

More photos here. See the #EUGREENWEEK conclusions here

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